Two Wheels 'Round Town + Quotable Links...

i put on those full-fingered gloves Monday morning in an attempt to give some appearance that the air was cool; that was far from the truth, even at 6:00am. the photo shows another thing as well - freshly painted lines along Mt. Baldy Road

couple months ago i posted a view at this spot with a vehicle parked in, and thus blocking, that walkway. someone has decided to mark it with cones now. a little paint would make it more permanent

"... may find that bikes allow them to cover more places at any given moment than, say, one or two trucks would."

"You don't need to set any records or justify your performance to anyone else."

"The road was narrow and the car came so close that I had to pull hard to the side and I found myself on the soft grass. There was the sound of a tremendous crash behind me..."

"... who were brave enough to speak but were dismissed as 'liars', 'cowards', or 'scumbags' by Hein Verbruggen and/or Pat McQuaid."


  1. Winter is coming. I wore full finger gloves and arm warmers last Saturday. I didn't need them for that ride though.


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