I Spy: Critters with Hats at the Roadside...

I quickly swung around to snap this guy's photo yesterday morning before he had time to run away. Noticed him sitting at the side of the road out in front of a house. He seems too perfectly situated there, right at the edge of asphalt and cobbled gutter, to be an accident. Someone walking by probably placed him so that he could watch the flow - there are always a lot of walkers, and cyclists on this street. But how did he get there? Dropped by a toddler from a moving stroller, perhaps? Maybe left behind as a young 'un clambered into a car seat? Tossed out the window by a terrible-two? Maybe a dog's plush chew toy, dropped in favor of following a scent? So many possibilities, the one I like best though, has someone placing him there just for fun, for human-powered people like me to spot and wonder. Don't think I would have noticed him if I had been driving by.


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