I Do LIke My Helmet, BUT...

What the Heck? I stopped for coffee and a blueberry muffin yesterday morning in the Village, and as I fumbled with too much stuff in my hands, the helmet fell to the ground from about waist height. I'm pretty sure it fell top down, but even if those retention system straps hit I can't believe it would have been with enough force for the plastic to snap like it did. I know that plastic weakens and breaks down over time, and I know the helmet is more than two years old, but damn - I wasn't planning on purchasing a new one for a while yet. I'll have to take it down to the LBS and see what they have to say about warranties.

Since I am on a GrOM (Grumpy Old Man) track, I might as well continue. I loath when people bring their motors onto the bike path, like these two on Monday: 

Neither the evil eye, nor my hands up, WTH look kept them from continuing on their way. Oh, they knew they weren't supposed to be there alright; I overheard them when they paused atop the Whittier Narrows Dam. Just get a real bike and get some exercise already. Finally, it has been at least a couple weeks now since Golden State Water finished laying new pipe for whatever facility improvements they are making on their Indian Hill property, which means it is past time to repaint those bike lane markings that were removed during construction:

where the bike lane ends on north Indian Hill

the morning after: a crew (truck) was out remarking the lane,
which was half finished when i rode down the street