Bonelli, Up Close and Far Away...

Even in this late month of the year the prickly pear pads are topped by multitudes of tunas (fruits), swollen crimson and plum. Not enough birds, ground squirrels, coyotes, humans, or whatever else eats them, to harvest and devour the entire crop I guess. I must have been moving especially slowly at the time and was able to notice one especially vivid-hued fruit. Or remains of one to be exact; it had clearly been devoured with great relish. It could have been exploded from inside out. All that remained was part of an empty husk, white veins a contrast to fuschia skin. A spatter of the sweet juicy pulp on a nearby pad and needles.

A little further away and, remember we haven't even entered winter yet, grass has begun pushing through the soft soil at shady verges. Goodbye autumn, hello wint spring? These are things to notice up close. Change focus, and notice the more distant views. Follow the slow, wary trot of coyote along the trail around a small inlet and look across the calm waters between the falling leaves of California walnut. The lake is quiet and still on this morning - no boats moving about, just a few fisherfolk throwing their lines from the damp shoreline, and waterfowl touching down or skimming along the surface.