Upcoming: Another Season of SoCalCross...

I suppose all you cyclocross-types, those who go into withdrawal at the end of a season, and start obsessing over your rigs months before the next season kicks off, have already seen this. For everyone else - roadies, and fat tire bruthas - the indomitable Dorothy has posted up the preliminary race schedule for the upcoming season (2012-2013) of the So Cal Cross Prestige Series of Cyclocross.

There are some old favorites mixed in with some exciting new venues. First race is September 30. Cross at the Cornfield in downtown Los Angeles is back, as is Velocity Cross in Chino, Storm the Beach in Oceanside, and Turkey Trot Cross in Glendale. There are two UCI race weekends again this year, the first being Spookycross and Krosstoberfest right in the backyard - the County Fairgrounds in Pomona, and the second in Los Angeles (I am only guessing the venue will be Griffith Park by the Greek Theater again). Now I see that the second UCI weekend will be at Los Angeles State Historic Park, just as the October 7 race. In keeping with the tradition of spreading races across the Southland, there are venues as far south as San Diego and as far north as San Luis Obispo. Plenty of opportunity to get out and race.