From the Library: Silent Steeds of Reno...

Williams, B. Delbert  Silent Steeds of Reno  Reno, NV: Del Williams Publishing, 2006

 Through cycles of up and down, cycling and Reno have progressed and grown in tandem, so to speak, with one another over the years. Last month, during my quick visit to Nevada City, California, I stepped into an antiquarian bookshop, and stepped back out with this book in hand. I didn't expect it to be much more than a curiosity in the library, but as it turns out there is a lot of interesting information in here about the history of cycling in Reno and general region. I was especially fascinated with the accounts of early racing (beginning in the 1880s) between the Reno Wheelmen and various clubs in California. Unless you are more of a fanatic than I am, you probably will not be familiar with the names of these early men (and women) racers, but they should rightfully be considered amongst the pioneers of the sport. While there is a great focus on the racing scene, that is not all there is to the book. There is also information on the early shops and bicycle sellers, and builders. This is information you do not just readily find anywhere - the author clearly expended effort conducting research, and then compiling it all into a readable format. The uniqueness of the content makes this more than a mere curiosity.