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In Search of the Wild Cholla

Late Friday afternoon I went to break in those new wheels, as you already know, but I was also going to head into the cholla garden. I have long been "into" cacti, ever since junior high school in fact, when the horticulture teacher had us propagate our own little cactus. They are unique, their form and structure is interesting, and the spines -  yeow! Anyway, there is this one area out in the spreading grounds where chollas grow with some profusion. It is not on the beaten path, though, so first I had to rediscover it. I am not sure what species of cholla these are, Cylindropuntia californica perhaps?

a lot of the cholla looked like they were being eaten - the fresher green skin and flesh gnawed down to the woodier center. I figured it was the rabbits, and later checked for confirmation - there are even some videos on YouTube of long-eared jackrabbits feasting and, somehow, avoiding the thorns.

this one first threatened me...
then made a move on my bike

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