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Up the Road and Trail: From Desert to Sea

There is a big race coming up. Saturday is the day. I know this in the same way I knew that the Roger Millikan Memorial Criterium was approaching two weeks ago, and the same way I knew the Ray "Doc" Hess Memorial Criterium was last weekend. I don't need to write these things on a calendar anymore. Instead, there is this uptick of clicks, people checking in to the posts from those races of the previous year(s). It has been a pretty sure-fire indication for the past few years. The stats page will show that more people are checking in for a specific race, then all I have do is head over to to get the date. I am not so sure I will be heading out to the desert high country this year for the UCLA Road Race, this Saturday, I would much rather ride than take photos, and with the annual Reseda to the Sea coming up on 8 March, I want to make sure I am ready this time around, after having missed it last year.

Saddle up and ride.

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