2014 Seasons in the Sun

Saturday, August 1, 2015

From the Archives: Mitch at Long Beach, 1995

not sure at which race in the series this was taken, but may have been the finale when he wrapped up the win

As with any good story, and many people, there are two sides to this one. The From the Archives a way back in January, may have presented a less than flattering view of Mitch. I believe the word I used at that time was ass. That said, he could also be a good and valued friend. 

When I was hit while crossing through an intersection by a left-turning driver, while on my way to work one morning, my mostly-new GT suffered more structural damage than my body. The rear brake bridge was snapped completely from the frame. For all I knew at the time, the bike was a goner. As Shop Manager of the Bicycle Doctor, it was Mitch who saved the day - breaking out his welding equipment, he reunited the frame and its wayward part, giving it another three or four years of life. Proving that he indeed did have a heart, Mitch did the work for no charge.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Spongebob Ghostlypants Rides My Bike

I'm hardly an aficionado of random defacement, but I can appreciate the cleverity (not a real word - cleverity (v): the act of being clever) in this case. When Caltrans, or whoever painted a big square splotch over some graffiti on this underpass, it was artistically clever that someone envisioned it as a ghostly Spongebob, drained of all color.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

This Bud's for You, 29 July

It helps if you are familiar with the tune "Heroes of Our Past" as sung by the Dropkick Murphys (and with due respect to the intent of the original). I don't believe any other version (if there are any) will do:

And so the story's told of a hearty group of men, it's a tale of their triumphs and their woes.
Be it climbs and fast descents or the hectic final sprint
that inspires men to attack and ride away.
And should we falter with our spirit in this ever changing race
we can look back to those heroes of our past.
With their stanch determination and ferocious iron will,
no competitor could quell them in their task...

with twenty yards to go, a look over the shoulder at a comfortable gap

first across the line yet again for SoCalCycling.com

Monday, July 27, 2015

Upcoming: PVBC Bicycle Photo Scavenger Hunt

The Pomona Valley Bicycle Coalition hosts numerous bike and ride related events over the course of a year. Maybe you already knew this because you are a member, receive their email newsletters or have liked their page on Facebook. But then, for whatever reason, maybe not. 

Anyway, they have one of those fun 'events' coming up at the beginning of August - a photo scavenger hunt. Open to teams of up to five riders, the competition will take place between the 7th and the 9th, and then end with a bang and a bash at the Dale Brother's Brewery with prizes awarded and, i imagine, a general fun time.

Form your squad now, come up with a team name, and submit all relevant information to the PVBC by the 7th of August to participate. While you are at it join the PVBC, a chapter of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition so that you can keep abreast of all their other upcoming events.

Monday Blues: The Campus Curse

What is a Roadmaster to do. Dorms are only so big, space inside at a premium, and so you spend the night outside. One night, a weeks worth, all the nights of your existence. Without any means of self-defense you fall easy prey to thugs and random vandals. They aren't interested in the chain - all those nights in the ocean air have made a rusty mess of it, but during the darkest hours the pedals and cranks are removed easily enough. Once that happens, immobility makes you a sitting duck, and the next night they stomp your front wheel into a shell of its former self.

One day the owner comes out. He curses, maybe mourns a little, but there is nothing to be done now. You are one of the abandoned, a campus derelict.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Le Champion

Once again the Tour brought out some of the best from its competitors, and some of the worst from its spectators. Overcoming all was the 2015 champion, Chris Froome. Call him ungainly, if you must, but don't call him unlikely; for the second time he and Team Sky bested all challengers and challenges to finish in Yellow.

Some things I will remember from this Tour:
1. Steve Cummings win brought the South African MTN Qhubeka team its first Tour stage win on Nelson Mandela Day,
2. Four big sprint stage wins for Andre Greipel,
3. A solid performance until struck down by the ultimate disappointment, yet again, for Tejay Van Garderen,
4. The continuing improvement/maturity of Nairo Quinatana showing glimpses of the ability to win overall soon,
5. The failure of the big showdown between Grand Tour champions to materialize. Maybe it was too much to ask, but I really hoped for a dramatic seesaw competition between Froome, Contador, Nibali, and with Quintana and Van Garderen thrown in for good measure.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Seeing is Believing

There is a simple truth

She never does what I tell takes my advice

Therefore I have come to expect one of two courses of action to result when I tell her what to do share my words of wisdom - either the words will be ignored, or they will be construed as a cue to do the opposite. 

And so I offer up this post to Rachel, Girlz Gone Riding, and whoever else may have been on the Girlz beginners' ride this past week, who convinced her that going up curbs was, not only possible, but well within her technical ability. I waited days for just this one, when I could see for myself.

Curbs one week, Baldy the next? Anytime is a good time to learn something new. Get out and give it a try ride.

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