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Finish the Ride for Keith Jackson

"We don't need other countries telling us what's right and wrong." I read that quote by Nikki Haley, United States ambassador to the United Nations, the other morning with a smile, stifling the laugh that welled up within.

If there is one thing 'Murica seems to have an abundance of these days it is a lack of ability to tell right from wrong. The lack is pervasive - from the world stage, national politics, state politics, local politics, the film industry, social media, or the seat of a speeding shite of a motor vehicle. It's not that (and this is a big serving of generalization) the American people can't tell right from wrong, it is that they have somehow decided it is okay to ignore right and wrong when when it becomes convenient to do so.

Vote for a feral bastard who preys on the vulnerable - "but the other one is a Democrat," they say. Gasp! How horrible. The good people in Alabama came through just when a little proof was needed, evidence that…

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