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UCI MoVal CX Weekend: Taps and Tail Whips

I'm not saying the Clif guys were responsible for all the tail whips out on the moguls today, but they certainly contributed a large percentage of them:

4:30 rang out loud and clear - Retreat, from nearby loudspeakers. All around was the March Reserve Base, after-all, and it should not have come as a surprise. Not being familiar with military time protocol, the only thing I could think of was Taps, though it seemed much too early for that, and far too late for Reveille. The one I could not grasp was Retreat, 4:30 sharp, time to bring the flag in; it was only later, when I checked the good ol' internet that I realized my mistake.
Anyway, while I may have been mistaken about what was being played at the old air base - turned reserve base, there was no mistaking the tail whipping and general air time, nor the chases and pursuits that were taking place all around the course. Terrific battles of competition played out between riders all around the field, which was expertly transforme…

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