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Fast Digs Update: The Southern Pacific Track at Santa Monica

During bicycle racings' first string of 'heyday' years the building of tracks proliferated across Southern California. Riverside's first track, a quarter mile oval, which predated the well-known third-mile track at Wheeler's Park in the Fremont Height's area of that city was the first of many bike racing tracks built to accommodate the booming sport. Cities as diverse in size as Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Pomona, even Claremont, all had tracks. A little further south, Coronado had the best known track, and one that was frequently used by top racing teams and individuals for World Record attempts. Held in much the same high regard as the Coronado track was the Southern Pacific track at Santa Monica.

While the track was sometimes referred to as the track at Santa Monica (or some version of that wording), it was more often known as the Southern Pacific track. I am not sure yet what the basis of the relationship was, whether the track was built on land owned by the Sou…

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