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CicLAvia Goes Weird

Hollyweird, that is. I am not quite going to say that today's route through Hollywood was the most interesting (I have always been partial to the downtown ones), but it certainly approached the original in terms of sites to see. From Barnsdall Art Park with the Hollyhock House at one end to the old Grauman's Chinese Theater on another end, a plethora of sidewalk stars in between (yes I did find his, and yes I did step on it and grind it beneath my foot), and WeHo and a very loud Hamburger Mary's on a third leg, there was almost too much to see and not enough time to check out the other riders (well, not really, but point is there was much to see and do).
That said, CicLAvia is as much about the people as it is about the sites - there were familiar people - David, was there, as was Dagmar, Janette, Waldi, Tom, the Cox (I believe) family with not one, but two Claremont HS mountain bikers, some guy named Venom who pounced from somewhere up high, and a Princess named Leia from …

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