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NBR: Autumn Interlude

Yeah, I left the house this morning with one goal - that breakfast burrito purchase to benefit the Claremont High School Mountain Bike Team. There was limited time before I needed to be in Riverside in the early afternoon, but I figured I could make a little bit of the Turn and Burn, at Bonelli after that, but...
instead I ended up passing the soccer field at Pomona College, and spending the remainder of the morning watching most of the first half of the Pomona-Pitzer versus Cal Lutheran mens' soccer match. Some good kicks on goal hitting the posts for the Sagehens, a nice diving save by the Kingsmen goalie, but 0-0 when I had to leave. Not the Gaucho's, but still, a good game. [The Sagehens went on to win out at the end of a hard-fought match] I have said it again and again, I love being able to ride through the Colleges on the way home because there is so much to see; today soccer, tomorrow...?

A few more photos can be found in the Flickr album.

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