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2018 CACX / NABRA Championships: Roots, Ruts and Rocks

Say that one five times quickly.

There were these people, hikers I will call them, on the other side of the fence which, I assume, marked a boundary between park and forest. They were climbing this steep, eroded fire break; with a life's passion they were bent over and leaning forward, clutching walking sticks with a death grip, hoping to counter-balance the steepness of the grade. Noticing others bypassing the "short cut" in favor of a, or what I believed must be longer, less steep route to the same top, I said to myself, "huh, I wonder what that's all about." Every few steps those people taking the steeper route would stop and look back down slope where they could see some bike riders maneuvering along some kind of crazy, convoluted zig-zag course and I knew they were thinking, "huh, I wonder what that's all about."
Once I "discovered" the "upper" part of the course for the past weekend's CACX/NABRA Championships I thou…

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