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You know how you will sometimes go into those vintage or antique shops, sometimes there will be old stuff, sometimes not, but frequently there will be a box or two of photographs and post cards? I always stop at those little collections and quickly flip through them, snapshots of a a moment in a life, in a search for photos with bikes in them. Usually the search is futile but, every so often, ends in success. 
It is always kind of sad doing so, especially when the photos are of people. At first there is hope in the hunt, but as it progresses without success, hope turns to disregard, photos get skipped and the search turns into a sort of sample survey. Though there is often something I can relate to, there is never anything personal, and yet the sadness persists. How did these images of these people come to end up here being sold to complete strangers for a dollar or two? Yes this foolish stranger spent two bucks for a photo of someone I don't even know simply because it also shows …

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