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2017 San Dimas Stage Race, Stage Two Road Race

Race Face.
If we could judge a riders' future potential based on their race faces I would have to believe that Conor Martin (TaG Cycling/Norco), the Green Jersey wearer in the Junior 15/16 race following stage one, has much to look forward to. Conor crossed the line fifth in the road race.

The "is it a smile, or is it a grimace" face. Guaranteed to keep the competition guessing.

Then there is the face that a racer gets to make at the end of all the effort, as he crosses the finish line first. It is the face that Pat Caro (Go Fast / Incycle) got to make as he won ahead of four break-away companions in the Masters 40+ race. It is usually accompanied with an emphatic shout.

And lets not forget the face that says "this is just way too much fun."
More to come...

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