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It's About Ireland

What can you ride to in Claremont? That is a question I posed at least once previously, I believe in reference to some event that I noticed far too many locals driving to, when they could more easily have ridden.
Well, last night, and in reference to that very same question, you could have ridden to the Sligo Rags concert at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden. The Rags may be best known as the "house band" at California Adventure, but I saw them first a number of years ago in the Village. I am not one to pass up an opportunity for an evening show when some Irish music is involved. Looking around the audience I realized that I was counted among one of the younger folk in attendance, and that maybe it was a good idea that not too many others chose to drive, rather than ride. Of course that statement is merely a sad reflection of how our transportation network has developed in this country - favoring cars over anything else. Some of those older attendees had a clear gleam in th…

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