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Up the Road: 2018 San Dimas Stage Race

This latest huuuge storm hitting rightttttt aboutttttt... nowwww (oh well, seems to be a bit late), plus the running of the San Dimas Stage Race (SDSR) this weekend has me looking back at 2012 when the three day race got a little bit wet. Beside periods of some pretty heavy rainfall, the wind gusts destroyed my umbrella and left some competitors racing salmon-style up streams in the road verge. While we are still a few days out, it is looking like there is going to be some wetness to contend with, on Friday at least. While I don't wish undue danger on any of the racers, inclement weather always adds an extra challenge, and makes for an interesting race. SDSR can always use some volunteer help - pre-race, post-race, as well as during. If you have not done so already check the SDSR website for pertinent information. See you out there.

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