Welcome: About the CLR Effect...

If you have reached this point from my previous blog, the Claremont Cyclist, you know that this blog is replacing that one. If you have reached this point from some other point of origin, well, you now know the same thing. Good, everyone is on an equal footing.

The CLR Effect is about riding the road, and riding the trail. It is about racing and training, commuting and errand running. It is about a better, less destructive and more healthful way of organizing and moving around the landscapes in which we live, work and play. The CLR Effect is about riding every day for health, for fun, for peace of mind. It is about riding for adventure, for competition, for camaraderie.

The CLR Effect is a kind of play on words, a double entendre in spirit, if not in fact. It is a title that encompasses the whole of the cycling world (at least for me).

CLR Effect, meaning one: The Center Line Rule is in Effect - if you have ever raced in the United States on a non-closed road you know what this means. It's simple really, cross the center line and you may be relegated or even disqualified. Racing, the competitive side of bicycling, is contained in meaning one.

CLR Effect, meaning two: CLR, being the standard abbreviation for the word clear, thus CLeaR Effect. Advocacy is contained in meaning two; bicycling as a low impact form of active transportation can relieve many of the world's modern ills, especially those of the urban environment. The potential beneficial effects of increased bicycling is clear. As evidence of bicycling's benefits mount, growth should be exponential. There is a clear effect, more riders leads to even more riders. Every time we ride we are advocates for a healthier, lower impact lifestyle.

Crystal Lake Road

Join in. Follow the Center Line and see where it leads.