The CC Gravel Grind

Don't be fooled by the photos - there were enough sections of rock to finish this ride depleted of adrenaline. Photos tend to be the last thing on the mind when your front wheel is bouncing from one baby head to the next, and you are trying to keep your own helmeted noggin from adding to the trail clutter. "Gravel Grind," well that might be a slight misnomer; sure there is some, I think, but it is mostly the chunk that I remember. You will notice that most of the bikes being ridden were not the the gravel variety, rather they were full on mountain bikes. But then the Hakkalugi did carry me though it; nor was it the only cx / gravel bike in the bunch.

For years and years locals have been attempting to string together sections of dirt linked, where necessary, by pavement into a big, fun, rideable loop - a local version of the world famous Fullerton Loop. I have been reading about this Saturday morning Cycling Connection ride for the past several weeks, looking at the ride photos with some envy, but was always put off by the 8:00am start time - my weekend mornings tend to be leisurely with plenty of coffee, sitting outside reading the newspaper. For whatever reason I decided to overlook all that this morning and hustle out the door. Without understatement it was definitely the right thing to do.

The CC Gravel Grind Loop is a mix of street riding, equestrian trails, dirt service roads, bike paths and hiking / mtb trails - pretty darn close to twenty miles worth in total. Would I do it again on the cx bike? Sure I would (truth is the only section where I felt disadvantaged was the rocky Cucamonga Creek section where I was a little nervous of rocks made slick by the morning drizzle). 

the Upland Bridle Path, middle of Euclid Avenue

some serious discussion at the top of the Path


above Cucamonga Creek with low-hanging clouds obscuring the mountains

to the top o' the dam

a rapid fire series of equestrian trails thread around beside concrete creek channels and between houses and residential back yards

test riding a locals fat bike

Pete in the Eucalyptus grove section, downhill and curvy trails - whoop, whoop

Connie, same section