Two Wheel Tuesday: Moon Over Bonelli

About twenty-four hours short of full, not that it was noticeable. That moon sees all; it saw the usual group leave the La Verne Brewery right on schedule, my two wheels chasing the other six until the park was reached, until six crossed the water and went into the jungle, while my two rolled along a standard loop. That moon saw a second group out there, like last week, though this time, unlike last, greetings were returned and jokes, "hey, lets get that guy." The moon witnessed that they never did. Out by the airport the moon saw a single light notice another three coming down the hill. Then, simply finishing the ride turned into a competition - don't let them catch up. No worries there, the official ride seems to have grown longer lately; four tacos and a beer passed through the mouth before the other three made their way back. The moon saw.

"...And we that have shed none must gather there
and clamour in drunken frenzy for the moon..." (W. B. Yeats)


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