The 2017 Paper Route Ride

I wondered what happened to my paper this morning, it was not on the driveway like it usually is on a Saturday after the sunrise. A short time later, as I headed out to the monthly RAP (separate post on that later) I noticed a bunch of riders headed down the street. Nothing unusual in that, there are many riders in the neighborhood, but these, as far as I could recognize, were not any of the regulars. These were riders participating in the Paper Route Ride, a new, annual fundraising effort to help Samantha Bosco and Jenna Rollman get to the 2020 Para-Olympics in Japan. The line of riders stretched all the way down Monte Vista where the largest mass of them waited at Foothill; at the head of the bunch (more than one-hundred twenty in all) was Trish, totally into the day and, appropriately enough, decked out in her olde time newspaper delivery girl outfit. "What AM I missing," I thought. But the plan was already in motion, and the time was too late change them.

Fortunately the RAP is short and, even taking time for a post-RAP cappuccino Mexicano, there was still plenty of time to ride over to the Competitive Edge's new Upland location for the post-PRR festivities. I doubt there are many in our local cycling community who do not either know, or know of, Jenna and Samantha, so there was no surprise that the space out in front of the shop would be packed with their friends and supporters. As it should be. Also as it should be, considering the nature of the event, many of the local clubs and shops were represented; this is a cause and an effort that extends beyond any one group. Sometimes cycling can become clique-like - unfortunately - but not today. Today was all about inclusion, everyone coming together for a common cause. I think it is safe to say that everyone finished up their morning feeling good about it all.