Move the Cones, Move the Cones

don't think it was Driver's Ed. You remember Driver's Ed, yes? No, of course you don't, you're too young. I don't think it was Driver's Ed, but I don't know where else I learned, or read, or maybe heard; heck, and after all, it could have even been an intuitive thing. The territory of the orange cone is sacrosanct - you don't venture inside the border marked by their pointy picket line. That is the rule. So when I first started riding past these cones on Foothill I followed the rule and rode outside, around them. But then days became weeks, and weeks became months and, at this point, we might be able to say months became years, and the cones never move. They are always there. Work hours, after work hours, week days, weekends, holidays, they are always there. I get that they may be necessary for construction staging, assuming that construction is going on (I have not seen any in a long time), but why are the cones not removed after hours, on weekends, during holidays?

Eventually I said "forget it" and started riding inside the cones. 

Isn't there some law about leaving cones in the roadway? At the least I would say it is pretty shoddy business practices by the construction company involved. I mean moving them against the curb / road edge still saves the spot without taking up roadway. Move the cones.