Monday Blues: Sunset Fabrication

The only thing blue about this are the hues of those welding burns on steel tubing.

When Sunset Cycles opened their shop in the Packing House I found out at least one of the owners had a background in welding and metal fabrication - there were various examples in the shop. It was not long before I saw custom racks being produced for bikes. Spotting a potential line of progression I asked if there would be any frame building in the future. What you see here is the latest example of the answer to that question. This one is David's personal bike. Not quite completed at the time I took the photos (Saturday past), he had it finished a few hours later. Pretty good looking bike and, I imagine, even better to ride.

The guys of Sunset have some interesting news, but since it has not come down the pipeline yet (though I am not the only one they have told, I also haven't seen anything official), it would not be right for me to break it. Don't worry, the news will enable them to do more of this type thing.