June RAP: Terrible, Terrible

For June's Ride Around Pomona Marcus took us on a short tour of "Gardens and Terrible Trees". Still being relatively terrible with Pomona streets (outside a few major ones and a handful of others) the follow-the-leader morning seemed to progress along a terribly zig-zag maze, fewer terrible zigs and zags, perhaps, than the Paper Route Ride route going on at the same time, but still... Of course, I am going to put forward that the ride would have been less interesting without all those turns onto the various little side streets that we rode along.

Were the trees really all that terrible? Well, I contend that question is a matter of perspective. I have rarely known a tree that I did not like. So, yes some do terrible damage to the sidewalks they are planted too closely to, some drop spiky seed balls, wicked barbed-wire-like leaves, skull-crushing pine cones, or messy purple flowers, but where would our landscapes be without them? There is no such thing as a bad tree, just poor placement. As usual Marcus did some research, beforehand and so, was able to not just point out trees and the uplifted sidewalks at their bases, but how and why they came to our Golden State from far away lands. 

Terrible? No, it was a morning well spent.

The RAP rolls the first Saturday of each month.

passing freight train / passing rider

considering pine trees

a lot of upward looking today

on the road again

up again, at this Australian native

fruit trees at one of Pomona's Regenerative Cooperative houses

quintessential southern California

mi cafecito reward