2017 Majestic Criterium

No one wants to go to San Bernardino to race their bike in the summer. The balmy weather with clear, vivid blue skies, the gentle breezes, some of the highest mountains in southern California right at the city's edge setting a backdrop. There are always a few, however, a few who are willing to put up with those conditions for a short bit in the morning. It is what happens in the afternoon, when the place becomes especially comfortable, like a blast furnace; it is during those hours that I am not sure why there are not more people racing in San Bernardino. 

Of course, by the noon hour I had my fill of those uncomfortable morning conditions and so did not stick around beyond the noon hour to find out if there were still a few showing up to race, or perhaps more than a few. Primary among those who, as I did, just wanted to get the heck out after putting up with the unbearable morning was Joseph Dalton (G3 Foundation / Trek) in the Masters 30+ 3/4 race. After a mere lap things were just not going fast enough for Mr. Dalton; continuing to ride at the pace of the bunch would keep him in San Berdoo far too long, and so he left that bunch behind - for the remainder of the race.

I don't think I want to go to San Bernardino to watch a race anymore. Not in the summer, and certainly not during those terribly uncomfortable morning hours. Small race = small album; a selection of fifty-one photos are here.

women's 3/4

Masters 55+

55+ finish

with the rest of the race heading the other direction, Joseph Dalton goes it alone

45+ / 50+

45+ / 50+ finish

Go, Daddy, Go