2017 KMC Chain Winter Series, Weekend #3

First trip out to Southridge USA this year for the KMC Chain Winter Series. Of course it was the third weekend of racing for the series which, unless I count wrong, means I missed the first two. Though winter rainstorm have effected changes to the usual course, deepening ruts, cutting new ones, exposing more rocks, creating new slick spots to slip on, after two weekends pretty much everyone seemed to have figured out what new lines were favored, maybe necessary, and were riding fa-ast. 

So, I didn't go crazy with the Flickr album this time - the selection is only of sixty-four photos but, as usual, if you don't see who or what you were looking for there let me know and I will gladly search the rest.

first lap with some familiar riders at the front

lap two, further up the hill, but the same riders in first and second

tight turn to the left

The day's victors included: Pro Men: 1st Nic Beechan, 2nd Julien Bourdevaire, 3rd Miguel Valadez Ortiz. Pro Women: 1st Christine Eikmeier, 2nd Alyssa Eikmeier, 3rd Nikki Peterson. Veteran Pro: 1st Cesar Mora, 2nd Stuart Gonzalez, 3rd Romolo Forcino. Expert U18: 1st Cade Calonder, 2nd Blake Wray, 3rd Nathan Hickey. Expert Men 19-29: 1st Nick Kneisly, 2nd Andrew Ursua, 3rd Bobby Monson. Expert Men 30-39: 1st Jared Rios, 2nd Jeff Welch, 3rd Reno Karimian. Expert Men 40-49: 1st Eric Bierman, 2nd Rob McGee, 3rd Chad Jarrett. Expert Men 50-59: 1st Jeff Jacobson, 2nd Mark Milam, 3rd David Turner. Spot Men U18: 1st David Ruvalcubu Reyes, 2nd Justin Hurdle, 3rd Sam Church. Sport Men 19-29: 1st Elias Casasola. Sport Men 30-39:  1st Victor Qineda, 2nd Yoshio Garcia. Sport Men 40-49: 1st Chad Smart, 2nd Rafi Zait, 3rd Michael Nasco. Sport Women U34: 1st Genevieve Plum, 2nd Shelby Kawell. Beginner Men 11-12: 1st Grant Mitchell, 2nd Parker Goulart, 3rd Gavin Melillo. Beg. Men 13-15: 1st Cam Dominguez, 2nd Luis Poiriez, 3rd August Wagner. Beg. Men 30-39: 1st Trent Wilson, 2nd Brian Fallon, 3rd Nick Hernandez. Etc.