Up the Road: Tour de Tryptophan 2016

I know a lot of you like riding the Fullerton Loop - maybe you like the convenience, maybe you like the varied terrain lacking in long, or even medium, climbs, maybe the only way to explain it is by the the word "fun". If one of those people is you, this may be THE weekend to hit up that venerable Loop. For the thirteenth year, the annual Tour de Tryptophan will run for twenty-four hours beginning at noon on Friday. For a donation -as much or as little as you want or can afford to give - you will get an event teeshirt and all the Fullerton riding you can pack into a single day's ride, the proceeds from your donation going to charitable organizations. One lap, or more, the choice is yours. It has been a few years since I last rode Fully, so this may be the time to give it another go. 

The Fullerton Loop on Facebook does not appear to be especially active lately, but there is enough information to help you get to the Courthouse for the start.