Two Wheel Tuesday: Spirit in the Night

There was no Crazy Janey, no Wild Billy or Gee Man, no Hazy Davy, and certainly no Killer Joe, but there was OTB Larry, Mutton Chop Ed, and Mark the Ringer. I ran out of lame nicknames at that point, but Barbara was there and, of course, Ever-ready Janet was too. In the song Billy may have slammed on his coaster brakes, but here we were all riding discs, and the hilltop fire reservoir had to make due for Greasy Lake (though I am not sure why anyone would want to visit a place called Greasy Lake anyway).

As for the rest, there was definitely a lot of spirit in this night. Some recent rain made the trails oh so nice. A little chill at first, but some quick spinning, and those short hills and frequent bumps, corrected that problem as soon as we left the road and hit the dirt. Yeah, another Tuesday evening, and they just don't get any better. The circuit went quick and when the riding was done there was only one thing left to do - enjoy a pint of beer at the La Verne Brewing Company. Usually I go for the Old Flathead Oatmeal Stout, but tonight I decided to branch out with the Nitro Old Flathead Oatmeal Stout. Either way you can't go wrong. Extra thanks tonight to Kar, who ordered an extra large pizza. Good thing too, as my growling stomach was just about to get loud and out of hand when I reached across for a slice.

So now that all that reading stuff is out of the way go ahead and load up the Boss (Bruce Springsteen) Spirit in the Night, close your eyes, put your head back, and picture riding those flowing trails, stars shining up above, city lights blinking below, and a good bunch of people, friends, to share it all with. 

Two Wheel Tuesday road and mountain bike rides - every Tuesday at 6:30, departing from and returning to the La Verne Brewing Company.