They are Called Good Deed Doers

"Back where I come from there are men who do nothing all day but good deeds. They are called phila... er, phila... er, yes, er, Good Deed Doers." I probably don't need to tell you it was the great and powerful Wizard of Oz who spoke those words, but I did it anyway.

I don't know that (outside of the fiction of television) there are people doing good deeds all day long, but I do know that on any given day, and without needing to look very far, you can find many people doing many good deeds. Case in point: I was all set to head out on my morning ride, it just going to be another standard loop around Bonelli. As I was getting ready, the mrs. calls up and says that "the scouts aren't here, and there are so many plants to be planted." The implication being that I should get myself up to the Claremont Hills Wilderness Park where Sustainable Claremont had organized a tree and shrub planting for the early morning.

I hemmed and hawed a bit but, strangely, the whole time I debated the idea I was also busy figuring out how to strap a shovel to my mountain bike (and then doing so). Yeah, it wasn't really much of a debate. Anyway, by the time I got up there most of those plants were in the ground, and the kids of Brownie Troop 1924, Boy Scout Troop 407, members of the Kiwanis-sponsored, Claremont High School Key Club, as well as members of Sustainable Claremont, several Park Rangers, and city staff were busy putting the remainder in the ground, surrounding the watering pits with rock, and making sure the plants got off to a good start by hauling water to their thirsty roots.

Some fifty to seventy-five plants, including Cork Oak, Acacia, Wooly-Blue Curls, and a variety of other native and dry-environment species will now beautify the buffer separating road and path between the upper and lower parking lots leading to the Park.

People riding by, others walking past, smiled in appreciation. Some stopped to inquire about all the activity. It was real community-building, good deed-doing stuff, and I guarantee that all those kids who helped out will remember it for a long time to come, through their actions they will feel invested, and a part of something bigger than themselves. Maybe remember this, and when you see them in the Village selling popcorn, or cookies, mistletoe, or something else, show your appreciation and help them out. Do your own good deed.

Just these few photos at the blog this time, but if you check Claremont Cyclist on Facebook, you'll find most of the rest.