Mid-Week C & V: That Andy Gilmour

So, a couple weeks ago I ran into Dale at the farmers' market. Did you see it? he asked. I knew he was talking about a bike, and I immediately thought back to the one he had just recently posted about - an Andy Gilmour. Craftsman Gilmour is a long-time v.i.p. of the Tucson, Arizona bicycle trade, a multiple decades-long fabricator of custom bikes.

Dale asked what I thought of the bike, and my initial response was that the Southwest motifs were killer (which they are), but there is a lot more going on here that make this a completely superb bike - like all that Campagnolo, front to rear, and top to bottom, it is everywhere. How about those six cogs for the freewheel? Actually, we probably don't, regularly, use any more than that during our everyday rides, but are we not glad to have the extra options? People had different legs back then, I guess. The bike is pretty light too, for a steel bike of its generation.

Want to read more, find out more about Andy Gilmour and his bikes, read this - "Tucson Salvage", from the Tucson Weekly, January of 2016.

Oh, incidentally, the lighting must have been funny, or I had the camera on a strange setting, because these photos make the paint look a lot more orange, or golden, than it actually is. Think straight up Yellow.