General Doug Says

What was it now, three years ago that I spotted the old General stumping on the street corner, as I rode through Carpinteria. I wasn't sure why someone of his stature was out on some nondescript corner in a smallish coastal California town, but there he was. I asked him what it meant to be a good citizen. Right at the top of his list was making sure that democracy continued to work, by participating in it, by getting out to vote on election day. He was not too sure of all this early voting stuff that seems to have become immensely popular lately - "that is what election day is for" were his words. But, whatever it takes to get it done, do it. And with that I got back to my ride, it was one of those fine summer days, and that little bit of electioneering didn't interrupt it much at all. Neither will dedicating a few minutes in your schedule today.