Bicycle Friends for Thanksgiving

Just helping to spread the word - our local Bicycle Friends are really stepping up, raising their/our game. No, not by taking out one of those hard to get Pro-Continental licenses which would seem to be the obvious course, a next step in the competitive hierarchy for all those crazy legs. No, if that is what you thought, you're not thinking big enough. Instead, I am talking about stepping up for the larger community, taking a stand, and pledging to help those who could use a little assistance at this time of year.

It is Thanksgiving time and, for all the wealth in our nation, there are many people, families who do not have the means to enjoy what so many of us take for granted, either extravagantly or more modestly. The Bicycle Friends have organized a food drive with donations given to Pacific Lifeline. The best way to help is to bring your donation(s) to one of the three weekly rides - Crazy Legs on Monday or Thursday, and Two Wheel Tuesday on, well, on Tuesday, strangely enough. If those don't happen to be convenient, a box has been installed at Coates Cyclery and you can drop off goods there any time the shop is open - non-perishables only, of course.

Between everyone who reads this here, or has seen the same at Bicycle Friends, Coates, Two Wheel Tuesday, Psycho-lists, or wherever you get your cycling news, I think we can spread some good will far and wide, give some deserving people something more to be thankful for.

Update: Hey, besides being able to drop off at Coates and La Verne Brewing Co., there are boxes for goods at Claremont Craft Ales and at Glendora Chevrolet.