A Montrose Minute

I almost forgot about this only-relevant-today blast from the past.

You all know Steve Lubanski. Right? His Open Road Bicycle Shop was a long time Pasadena institution before he decided to pick up and move to a higher-dena, as in Altadena. Anyway, months ago I was searching through the old training journals for some information when I found an entry from 30 November 1996 and, though I almost forgot and missed the opportunity, it relates to an incident on the Montrose Ride exactly twenty years ago. During the week leading up to the 30th I was tasked with moving from Pasadena to Alhambra, sleeping in the former while shifting stuff to the latter. Because of that, essential bike stuff was in two places which caused me to miss my traditional Trader Joe's meet-up. Instead I waited along the curb on Huntington for the bunch to arrive. Fortunately my resting spot was at a red light which, apparently, was exactly what the peloton was waiting for. When they came to a stop, the assembly immediately broke into song - a chorus of Happy Birthday Steve to be exact. All the drivers around looked at us like we were nuts too long on the tree and, of course, wished they were a part. I never did find out if that exact day was Steve's birthday, or if it was just in the general region, but the moment stuck with me - one of those incidental events in the local peloton.


  1. Miss the ride alot. The good. helping people, making it safe....and fast. The bad. getting sued for 1.5million for leading it. Always tried to do my best leading the ride. sometimes I was wrong, or my ego, or self interest got involved. All I know is that when I started doing the ride, there were many weeks when I was the only one who went long. And look at it now.

    1. Yeah, look at it now. I have not done the Ride myself since probably the early '00s, yet everything I hear suggests it is still going as strong as ever. While I can remember some massive groups and some interesting incidents, I guess you are the man with the real tales to tell. Cheers.


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