Seen While Riding

Just a collection of curiosities seen during the past couple days of riding.

Curious as to who would have taken the time, and expended the energy to built that short stone-lined trail below the first check dam on the San Gabriel River. When water is allowed to flow, I am sure there is a swimming hole there, but to take the time to clear all the rocks from the narrow path seems a bit excessive.

Yes this is the backside of a dam, but as often as not the landscape here is completely dry. Adding a little water entirely transforms how I view and react to the scene.

Someone took a moment to collect a few pebbles from beside the San Gabriel River Trail. They were out of place just enough to catch my eye. 

The recent fire pretty well destroyed anything growing on that mountainside. The soil is scorched black, and grey ash stains run down its flanks. Early on I saw a map showing the extent of the fire reaching up into Fish Canyon and toward the Silver Fish, and wonder how far into that beautiful area the flames reached.

A little bike decor outside Sunset Cycles

At one time this old bridge to nowhere (in Bonelli Park) had plank railings. Someone has gradually removed them all...

and, rather than tossing them aside, has arranged them in little collections atop each post.

Remember crop circles? At Bonelli Park these inexplicable hillside lines have appeared over the past week. They are not crazy long switchbacks, just lines formed by someone, or something, cutting down the dead grass in long, linear patterns.