Ibis Nights: Art

I never know what I will see when I ride past the Pomona College Art Studio building during the Cross Town Loop. Admittedly, sometimes there is nothing, and I simply look ahead to the oak woodland. Other times, though, there can be all kinds of art around, in the courtyard, in the work areas, in the gallery, and all calling out to be examined, admired, critiqued, wondered at, and pondered upon. Such was the case this evening - I need to get back there during "open" hours, the duct tape exhibit, in particular, looks interesting.

These two ladies turned on otherwise terrific photo, into an ordinary one. Not. The scene is definitely enhanced by them, but just a moment before, they were sitting on that bench - that was perfect, a nice relaxing moment in the middle of a ride. It highlighted one of the attractions of going by bike, being able to stop on a dime, anytime, anywhere, for whatever reason.

At this time of the evening, I was only able to look in the big windows, but this looks like a cool exhibit - landscapes and portraits all made from different colored duct tape.

With the giant hammer and nail, as well as the decoratively carved / sawn wood elements, I am calling this table Ode to a Carpenter.