From the Archives: The Rose Bowl Ride, 1995

Looking at this one too long will ruin your eyes. Damn. Didn't have any autofocus on my camera back then, so when it came to action shots there plenty of blurred images. You might think that since we are half way through the year we would also be halfway through the season of the Rose Bowl Ride. But no, since the Ride goes through the end of October we have not yet reached the midpoint. Still plenty of time to put your speed legs on and get out there.

I don't know who I was trying to take a photo of at the time, if any one person in particulat, but it is funny, I look and think "hey, that looks like so and so", or "is that guy in the red helmet so and so?", or the rider in the middle who might be a women and appears to be wearing the stars and stripes of a National Champion. But are they?