Young Guns of NAHBS: Equilibrium

Vladimir Balahovsky is the man behind the Equilibrium name. His building career began with repair and restoration work of vintage racing bikes. Inspiration and training from an NJS framebuilder in Japan allowed Balahovsky to expand his business into the realm of the builder. He works with steel for both its ride quality, versatility and longevity. These days, many riders, especially younger ones are conditioned with the belief that steel is the heaviest of building materials, and that if you want light carbon fibre is the only way to go. Back in the mid '90, when I owned a GT Edge, I realized that steel could be incredibly light. This is one of Balahovsky's driving philosophies. The showbike he brought to NAHBS, even with the extra build up of material at the tube connections, was regularly mistaken for a carbon fibre frame. Hence the hastily written sign on the floor.

Balahovsky builds both brazed and lugged frames from a workshop near Tokyo, Japan. Check the Equilibrium Cycleworks website for more information on his road, cross, and track bikes, and/or like his Facebook page to keep abreast on his current builds.