Cycling Claremont: Rack 'Em Up

Would it not be funny if these had been there all along, I mean since the parking structure was built, and I just never noticed them. Well, I know it is not that bad, but I can't say with any exactitude when exactly they were installed. I have never noticed them before, but then I am not usually around this side of the parking structure. What I can say is that these bike racks are in good shape with neither wear, nor tear in evidence. What is especially cool about them is that the wheel channel of the top ones slide out, and down, so that you can roll your bike up without having to lift the entire bike. There is also a thick cable attached to the rack so, ostensibly all you need is a good padlock.  Strike that part, the cable isn't really long enough to do much on its own, but needs to be used in tandem with your own U, or other type, lock. There is even a workstand for small repairs, and as long as you have your own tools.

These racks are on the east end of the Village public parking structure, 1st Street, west of Indian Hill. 

Later: Ahhhhokay. That makes perfect sense now that I hear it. My anonymous source (LFS, and thanks) has let me know that these neato racks used to occupy space in the, now defunct, Bike Station at the Depot. After that operation went belly up due in part, it is believed, by the hefty fee charged by the outside operating entity, and since the city had invested its own hefty sum of money on initial outlay (which included these racks) the city decided to move them here where they might still do some good. So there you go, a nice shaded spot to park in the Village.