2016 NAHBS: No Place to Rest Your Eyes

Much has been made of this Caletti in the aftermath of this years' NAHBS, and rightly so, it did win the shows' award for Best Finish. Art (and this definitely qualifies as art) being largely subjective, I am guessing people will either like it or not. I must admit that from a composition stand point it is not my favorite - it is bold and busy, where I tend to favor plain and understated. That said, the painting on this, as well as the matching helmet, shoes, and slingshot, is amazing. It is amazing when you stop and consider how much time, planning and effort went into creating what we see. A fifty hour endeavor, I was told.

Most bikes are entertaining based on their function, this one has an extra level built into it; try to find all the various sea creatures mixed into the geometric patterns - the octopus, sea stars, pelican, etc. Fun for all ages, the paint encourages you to get in tight for a closer look, discover life above and within the Pacific. In many ways, I suppose, this is a great homage to Santa Cruz, California, where Caletti bikes are created.

Bike by John Caletti / Caletti Cycles, painting and finish by Jeremiah Kille.