2016 NAHBS, The Celtic Triad 3: Walker Cycles

I snapped the shutter once, checked the image, then snapped again. I don't know how many times I repeated the sequence. I tried once with the flash, but no, that was even worse. I was attempting to capture the subtle finish on a dark green track bike. It was almost black, but seen at the correct angle the green was brought to life, lit from within, or underneath, or... I don't know, it was hard to tell exactly where the glow came from. The bike was a Don Walker track bike, the last show bike I studied in the Walker stable, each progressively more interesting.

But no, that was not quite correct. The prototype cyclocross bike is what initially caught my eye. As I sidled on up, it was that raw, unfinished frame that drew me in. There is something about the naked, unfinished frame. Nothing is hidden on them, every little detail is exposed, you see them for what they are. What the "Mutt" prototype (so named for its mix of tubing) showed me was a bike that could deliver; whether taking a beating, or dishing one out, its sole purpose was to bring out the best in a rider.

Like what you see? Check them out. Don Walker builds bikes for road, track, and cyclocross in Buckner, Kentucky. You can also find him on Facebook.