The 2015 Annual: An Update

The CLR Effect Annual for 2015 is progressing nicely, though I am probably a bit behind schedule. If I can do a little, either photo selection or text addition, each day, it will get done about when it is supposed to at the end of the year. By the by, Blurb is offering free postage on any books purchased before December 31, so now is a pretty good time to order editions from either 2013 or 2014 - simply use the code: FREESHIP2015 when ordering. Additionally, I believe, you can save 30% on the cost of a book (before December 11) by entering code GIFTS30 when ordering. So get on it. By the way, if you click on the preview button for either edition and it does not seem to be working, click on that sentence "Have a slow connection?" at the lower right of the preview page - seems to solve the problem for me. See you at the races.