Party Time with the PVBC

Not everyone forgot it was Sunday evening, that twenty-four hours previous was the normally scheduled night for a party, that tomorrow was the beginning of another, all be it shorter, work week. Some people said, heck with it, bring another round. The Pomona Valley Bicycle Coalition (PVBC) held a fun little holiday get together for folks who either forgot (unlikely) what evening it was, or figured it simply didn't matter. Any excuse for a party?

Well, of course there was more involved that just the beer and the burgers. It was as much about making new acquaintances, connections, reaffirming friendships, solidifying community. All that, which when you think about it is actually quite a lot, happened at the Old Stump Brewing Company. Funny name aside, the Old Stump, the regions newest local brewery is well situated to meet the beverage needs of Pomona Valley cyclists. A location directly on the Citrus Regional Bikeway (Bonita Avenue) in Pomona provides certain advantages when untold numbers of solo and rider groups pass within fifty feet of the door each day. Anyway, check the brewery out as you will.

Contrary to popular belief, I have never been much of a talker, preferring to leave that to people who are good at such stuff. To compensate I listen, observe and record, either by writing or taking photos. So it was somewhat surprising to find myself spending more time talking than standing back and taking photos. Trust me, it was as big a shock to me as it was to anyone else.

Events like this holiday party, or periodic and regular rides, are more than mere occasions to have a good time, they are opportunities to make connections and share thoughts and ideas. Sure, I knew some of the folks going back numerous years, people like Rudy, one of the oldest readers here, and going back to the days of the Claremont Cyclist, Erik, Walt, Jim of the Claremont Senior Bicycle Group, John and Sarah of the PVBC, Sam and Rachel, who leads rides with Coates and Girlz Gone Riding, Doug who recently started the Facebook group Cycling Around La Verne. Perhaps just as important are the people I hadn't met until this weekend, like Ash, Paul whose students at Harvey Mudd will be engaged in quite the interesting bicycle transportation project beginning in January, and Frank Neal, California Triple Crown Hall of Fame member, and long time cycling advocate.

So yes, the beer, the burgers, the company, the party was all good and made for a fun night, but it is the potential opportunities arising from the various connections that can result in something more lasting than a single night of fun. If you are not familiar with the PVBC, check them out, or their parent organization, the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition - they both do a lot of good.