Party Time at Sunset Cycles

Sunset Cycles opened its doors officially for the first time last night. It was a grand excuse for a party and, accordingly, there was food and drink to go along with the bikes and the socializing. Someone, over the past week, got busy and all those Linus's had been removed from their boxes and built up - all clean and shiny, they lined the railing outside the wide open front doors. The nice looking Medici and an equally nice Moser hanging from the ceiling trusses were a nod to classic cycling. If you take a minute to watch the slideshow, you might guess that I was taken by an unbuilt Nagasawa frameset. They got some kit in - it blends so well with that orange wall, that I almost didn't see it.

It is good to have another bicycling enterprise in town, another spoke in the wheel of what makes the City of Claremont such an attractive place to be a bicyclist. Congratulations to David and Sean. I look forward to witnessing how their plans develop and proceed. If you couldn't make it to the grand opening, stop by and check out the shop, see what it is all about. The owners are good listeners and are open to hearing ideas about how to engage with the community; I am sure they would appreciate the input. 

[Frustration setting in, right about… Now. After a couple attempts at inserting a decent looking slideshow here, I have given up and opted for the old tried and true Flickr album. Access it by clicking here.]

Don't forget the PVBC hosted holiday party tonight at the Old Stump Brewery, on Bonita in La Verne. I will be there, so be ready to smile for the camera.