Encino: Go for the Swapping, Stay for the Racing

This morning was the quarterly Swap Meet at the Encino Velodrome, followed by some low-key racing in the early afternoon. Either by itself might not have been enough to convince me to make the drive out to the Valley, but the two combined seemed like a good opportunity. I know, I know, it was a big cyclocross day at the Greek, but those CXer's don't give me any love lately - no sharing of posts, or photos. No thank you's. The fixed gear folk, on the other hand have done right by me all year - from the Temple Crit, to the 700s, some Summer night racing, and right through to Ganesha Hills. So yeah, jealousy and spite… or no, I mean bike swap and racing brought me to another fixed gear event, this time on the track.

The swap was full of good stuff - truthfully, I got there late, and some sellers were beginning to pack up, but I saw a bunch of old and new Campy stuff, all kind of wheel sets, a Dave Moulton Fuso, a track bike used in a Junior World Championship, old high-top leather shoes,  and Christie and Frank of SoCalCycling.com selling old team stuff in preparation for a new season. I think I scored with a seat post, socks, and a brand, spanking new pair of Vittoria Rock mtb shoes at half price, and my size! So stoked. Anyway, a good meet to look for when it comes around next time.

As for the racing, "low key" was the optimal term - Henry Shibata was there to direct the program, the group was small, but composed of some seriously fast competitors, just the right combination for some speed, some fun. A little bit serious, a little bit laid back. The concrete was running smooth and fast, the winter sun casting some interesting shadows across the banks and the straights, the air was calm and cool. With a little last minute adjustment, even a late arrival, bikes were made ready and so were the legs. Time to race.

I've got your Flickr album right here, and it has seventy-two photos in it.

infield waiting

the match-up I was waiting for - Dante (spelled right?) and Ronnie - check the Flickr album to see how it turned out