Cycling Claremont: Something Going on Here

Upstairs at the Packing House, across from Flappers - something called Sunset Cycles. Something with bikes on the wall, bikes leaning against the wall. Something with someone cooking on a backpacking stove in the background. Something that will be having a Grand Opening Party on December 19th. Something clearly cycling related. Something, and someone, called sunsetcyclesca who posts photos on Instagram, where you can see better shots of the, current, interior. It was after hours, the doors were locked, and I decided not to disturb the occupant in the middle of cooking but, 

I look forward to the 19th, when something will be more clearly revealed.

Let me give you a little update: Sunset Cycles will be a full-service shop, with both Lunus and Rocky Mountain currently in their line-up. They are also looking into adding the German brand, Bombtrack. Sounds pretty nice, huh? Check 'em out at their grand opening.