Threading the Needle

That gal on the cruiser exhibited a high level of courage riding between the two packs of wolves in lycra. Notice her line was pretty much equidistant between the two. Why needlessly temp fate, after all. Not that there was much to worry about. The carnivores may have been hungry alright, but the pangs needing to be filled were for the competition of the pursuit only. The hunt would be carried as far as the top of the next hill or city limit. A moment of rest, and then repeat. The challenge of rising to alpha of the pack, at least for this one night, will occupy their efforts for the next, roughly, ninety minutes. After that? Well…

Chase, then be chased until your tongue drags the ground; it is the same every Monday, and every Thursday, 6:45 departure from outside the Euro Cafe, corner of Mills and Baseline, Claremont.


  1. An interesting observation in this post Michael......

  2. I will not bet my name on the accuracy of the premise.

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