Hot Fun in the Summertime

or, five photos in fifteen miles. Hmmm, that works out to three stops every three miles. Seems like a lot for such a short distance. Anyway:

In 1969 Sly and his Family Stone sang, 

"End of the spring and here she comes back
Hi, hi, hi, hi, there
Them summer days, those summer days

That's when I had most of my fun back
High, high, high, high there
Them summer days, those summer days…"

The calendar might not, officially, declare Summer until Sunday, but we have had what seems like our first full week of official Summer weather. With that said, an earlier Bonelli ride seemed to be called for today, and while it was most certainly hot fun, I don't mind admitting that at the end of the ride I detoured for a slow out and back through the jungle where the deeper shade made the air a good ten degrees cooler.

Speaking of hot fun, don't forget tonight the Mobbin' guys are holding the second race of their Summer Crit Series. I have no doubt it will be fun, but at 10:00 pm it should be a little cooler. I am trying to convince myself to head out there and take some pics. Click that link for all the info you will need.

somewhere down in the triangle between the near distant hill, the 57, 71 and 10 freeways is where Mobbin' Monday will hold the next race in their Summer Crit Series

little more work at the woodpile today

stinky swamp juice

tunnels of shade