Up the Road: Ride of Silence (Claremont)

Often times too many cooks in the kitchen creates confusion, too many groups doing the same thing dilutes the message. While the primary purpose of the Ride of Silence is one of remembrance, it is also intended as a message, that death and injury on our public streets is unacceptable can be avoided. And thus the larger the group, the more effective the communication of that message. Cycling Connection's Ride of Silence in Rancho Cucamonga has, for years, been the only local one to participate in. On the other hand, a greater number of rides can spread the message across a wider region. So. This year there is another local option for people who, for what ever reason, can't make it to Rancho.

The Claremont Cycling Club will be hosting a Ride of Silence on Wednesday 20 May at 6:30 in the evening. If you are on MeetUp, you can get more information and RSVP by joining the CCC group. I suspect the ride will hold some special significance for the CCC since one of their members lost his life just last year. Riders will gather at Euro Cafe, corner of Mills and Baseline, in Claremont before heading out on a short 15 mile, easy paced ride. I think I will take advantage of having a start so close to home and have RSVP'd. Hope to see some of you out there as well.