Up the Road: 2015 Ride of Silence

I often lament how the motoring public lost their way long ago in myriad ways, and right at the top of the list of those is roadway carnage. Senses have become dulled to blight and slaughter; deaths an acceptable payment for convenience. In cycling we prefer to remember. To remember our brothers and sisters, fellow comrades of the spoked wheel, those whose lives have been lost, often through no fault of their own.

Every year our community, all around the world, comes together for one day, one ride of silence, to remember, to focus attention, to say that every life, even one, matters. As in years past, the Inland Empire's ride will take place in Rancho Cucamonga. I plan to be there, and hope you will be as well. You may have to shrug off a training ride for one week, but it is worth it. It may be the most meaningful ride you do all year.