Lunch by the River

The San Gabriel River Trail (SGRT) somewhere in El Monte, a little way upstream from Whittier Narrows. The river rarely runs this full, bank to bank, at this point along its course. More often than not if you look across its width here you would see little more than dirt, and rock, a concrete weir desolate in disuse. Not today, though, the cascade over hard lip into pool below creating a roar that drowns out the familiar drone from nearby freeway. The free flow of water carrying with it a flow of life renewed - song birds singing and flitting from branches dressed for a Spring Formal, waterfowl testing webbed feet against a current of new water.

A ride paused, or perhaps planned long ago, awaiting just the right moment. A lunch, the days' newspaper, a little shade, and a little time. Spring Equinox. Refresh. Reset. Renew.

We frequently speak of renewal this time of year. We see it all around - in the plants and animals, clouds of gnats unwelcome, but renewed all the same. But what of ourselves? Our own lives renewed, no rat race, no domineering motors. Just a moment, however long, a moment to relax, reflect, renew.