KMC Chain Winter Series, Race Weekend #5

And so it begins. Though today signaled an end - the final races in this years' KMC Chain Winter Series at Southridge USA, it also marks the start of an exceedingly busy race month. Every Saturday, every Sunday, and two Fridays will see racing action, either road or mountain, and often both the same day.

But those are in the weeks to come. Today, attention was focused on that rocky knoll, that twisting trail to the top and back down the other side. With everything in bloom it was hard not to find a view point with racers snaking their way, in long lines or small groups, through a landscape laced in yellow, green and silver.

the Pro men begin to climb on the first lap

Julien Bourdevaire, Pro Men victor

Congratulations to all the day's victors - Pro Men Julien Bourdevaire, Pro Women Elyse Nieuwold, Veteran Pro Romolo Forcino, Expert Men U18 Jake Legge, Expert Men 19-26 Luke Wronski, Expert Men 27-34 Chuck Ridal, Expert Men 35-42 Nate Adams, Expert Men 43-50 Rich Bartlett, Expert Men 51-58 Rick Lane, Expert Men 59-66 John Clemmitt, Sport Men U18 Angelo Loskota, Sport Men 19-26 Josh Kolbo, Sport Men 27-34 Nick Kneisly, Sport Men 35-42 Heith Masters, Sport Men 43-50 Tony Smith, Sport Men 51-59 Chris Botti, Sport Men 59+ Rich Fersch, Sport Women U34 Kadi Niinberg, Sport Women 35+ Astrid McAvoy, Beginner Men 9-10 Grant Mitchell, Beginner Men 11-12 Hayden Metz, Beginner Men 19-26 Alex Crowell, Beginner Men 27-34 Schuyler Onderdonk, Beginner Men 35-42 Christian Holloway, Beginner Men 43-50 Jason Bailey, Beginner Men 51-58 Christopher Scott, Beginner Women U34 Johannah Raqland, Single Speed Men U34 Ian Morton, S.S. Men 35+ Ryan Holdorf, Sport Men 65+ Ed Mundy

Moving right onto the photos, an even 100 have been selected for the Flickr album (all from the XC race). As usual, if you see a photo you like feel free to download it (credit where credit due, of course). As usual I took more photos than those that made it into the album, so if you don't see what you were looking for there, let me know with a race number and I will see what I can find.

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