Midweek C&V: Lotus Super Pro Aero

This Lotus dates to the same time as the SR Bicycle that was equipped with Shimano 600 AX components of which I posted at the old blog. The frame is formed with Tange CroMo tubes and have that distinct airfoil shape. As you will note, the tubes were joined with filet brazing. The Super Pro Aero model was the peak of the Lotus line and would have come equipped with Shimano's top offering - the Dura Ace AX groupset. As their top offering, this Lotus would have come complete with tubular rims, thus the clincher rims on the bike shown here, are clear replacements. The sparkle gold paint was the only color offered at first, but in 1983 Lotus offered the bike in Raspberry Pink as well. If you are interested in what the complete build would have been, check this link at VintageLotusBicycles.com; there is more information, plus and handy chart of the components.

I intended to have this post done a couple months ago. In a way, though, the delay worked out even better as I can now use it as a segue - I saw this one at the Bicycle Aficionado Bike Swap in August; there will be two more swaps this year, the next on November 16th ... like it on Facebook to keep up on any relevant news.