Interbike 2014: New Fat - 11 Nine

It hasn't taken very long, a few years by my estimation, to see a complete progression in the fat bike market. Once the earliest experiments moved onto standardized frames and fat-specific components the pace quickened. Fully rigid bikes one year, gave way to front suspension the next, which in turn became fully-suspended ones. Though still largely viewed as an adventure bike, fatties also became everyday recreational rides. Some folks even raced them. 

This year marked, what is believed to be, the world's first downhill-specific fatty.

11 Nine offers four fat bike models - the Epicyon, Simus, DireWolf, Hemicyon - each distinguished by their system of suspension, color, and build material - for instance the DireWolf model is only available in titanium. The young company has been putting all their effort into product development and perfecting their offerings. As a result their website is not yet ready (I was assured it would be sometime soon after Interbike), however you can follow along via their Facebook page, and when the site is ready I am sure it will be announced there. If you are lucky enough to live in Southern Nevada don't be surprised to find them demo'ing at your local trail some weekend. Now that would be cool.

This review, as with all the reviews from Interbike 2014, is as honest as I can make it. I have received no payment, nor any promise of remuneration for my opinions and observations regarding the product being reviewed.