Interbike 2014: Ligne 8

Seems like it was just recently that I put up a short post about Champion Systems, and here I am at it again. Well, technically this is about Ligne 8, but somewhere in the company make up, they are related. I believe the website refers to the kinship of the two as sisters.

Every year clothing companies find new ways to blur the line between form and function, between on-the-bike and off-the-bike fashion. Ligne 8 is one of those pushing the boundaries and erasing distinctions. From their website: "Ligne 8 is an new brand for the commuting city dweller, who wants to be a able to cycle to and fro, without worrying about the weather, perspiration, style or appearances."

Ligne 8 has both men's and women's lines, including coats and jackets, shirts, shorts and jeans, capes, skirts and dresses, as well as "not your typical" jerseys, for lack of a better description. I only took a couple photos at the show - the men's Copenhagen Soft Shell Jacket, and the women's Adrienne Reversible Coat. The Copenhagen is both wind and waterproof, yet breathable and elastic. Pockets abound and the "action back" allows for an extended range of motion, i.e. hunched over the bars - either the bike's or the local pub's. The Adrienne is similar in material and  function, but in a longer style. Check the Ligne 8 website for their entire line line of commuter clothing.

This review, as with all the reviews from Interbike 2014, is as honest as I can make it. I have received no payment, nor any promise of remuneration for my opinions and observations regarding the product being reviewed.