Interbike 2014: Bits and Pieces, Odds and Ends

So, Bits and Pieces, Odds and Ends is a collection of products I took special notice of, that made an impression, but did not receive their own dedicated post. Some of them are simply curious images.

Josh Bryceland. Noticed the sticker while  taking a close-up look at his downhill rig.

Selle Italia, maker of fine racing saddles, offers a colorful selection of bar tape as well

This lizard-looking creature with suction cup feet is a Seasucker bike rack. Extends your range of mounting option when a roof rack just won't do

#things that collect on a Volkswagen dashboard

Rolf Prima wheels. Oh, so nice. and much of their lineup is now made right here. Well, right here as in Eugene, Oregon.

Phil Wood hubs

Xpedo pedals. More orange would fit right in on my Ibis.

That thing that looks vaguely like a barracuda is not your fathers' chain whip tool. This is Park Tools' new cassette removal tool.

Reaching out to the cycling world from the land of Canada, Arkel makes a bevy of carry-all bags and racks, including this clamp-on model. Unlike other clamp-ons, including the mostly useless one I have, this one (the Randonneur Seat Post Rack) not only holds onto the seat post, but secures to the saddle rails as well - those three points of contact keep it from swinging side to side when transporting a gallon of milk, or more.

The Carradice Duxback Rain Poncho is like the wax coat I bought in Ireland fifteen year ago - durable and built to keep you dry. 

Chrome was once again sewing up bags...

not to mention building shoes.

"Howdy ma'am." Last year Ryders went back to the future, this year it was back to the past. The old West to be exact. Riders Eyewear goes all in with some creative and imaginative set ups. They take the term trade "show" literally and make a production out of it. In fact it wouldn't surprise me if they use the talents of a set or exhibit designer. The set up shows as much creativity as their stylish, and functional, glasses.

Velox, the world's best known maker of rim tape, also makes high-grip bar tape. I have tried various grip tapes, some fairly decent ones included. Or so I thought until I sampled the Guidoline - beats anything else, hands down. Now, I don't normally have a problem with gripping the bars, and firmly believe there can be such a thing as too much grip, but if you suffer from slippery hands, definitely try to find the Velox. Or get your LBS to order some.

The Great Wall of Garneau. There is a funny story about this... well, maybe only funny to me. I had come upon the wall at that far corner and couldn't find a way in. You see the wall is basically a sectional thing - three black paneled sections separated by the red niche areas. From that corner I could see along two sides, but not see any openings, and so I walked up the aisle to peer around the corner at my back (in the photo), only to face a continuation of the wall. I silently chuckled and headed on to the fourth, and open, side. See, you had to be there, but once I found my way in, Garneau was showing the usual quality products. I have long known the Canadian company primarily as a clothing and shoe manufacturer, but some of their bikes were quite impressive as well.

SheBeest - stylish performance wear for women

Fix It Sticks, and Fix It Sticks stickers, for when your seat post slips, and other things.

Check out Bear River Bike Park in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Somewhere along the line you may recall me noting that I favor mechanical disc brakes over hydraulics, due largely to their ease of maintenance. This year Paul Precision Components has upped the stakes for all the mech-makers. The orange is a killer color, and a Paul staple, but it would be cool if they would offer other options.

the German company, Ergon, makes a range of bicycling components and accoutrements from bar grips for mountain bikes, pedals, gloves, backpacks, and a road seat post. What I was most interested in, though, were their saddles. Without actually trying one, I did the usual pressure tests - pushing this and that with my thumbs, ending here and there to see how much give there is, etc, and decided it was my kind of saddle. As their name suggests, Ergon focuses on ergonomics, making our rides more comfortable, less painful.

State Bicycle Company has partnered with the Four Peaks Brewery to put together and offer a special edition bike. The bike itself is from State's City Bike line and includes racks/basket front and rear, leather six-pack holder, and straps to secure a full growler to the rear rack. Oh, and then there is the bottle opener on the seat tube. The head badge is not the usual State one, but rather a special Four Peaks badge. I didn't happen to notice the bike on either State's or the Four Peaks website, but you can order one through Amazon.

This review, as with all the reviews from Interbike 2014, is as honest as I can make it. I have received no payment, nor any promise of remuneration for my opinions and observations regarding the product being reviewed.