Interbike 2014: Bikes of the Pros

I always like to take a peek at the bikes the pros ride, their set ups, little personal  tweaks. Sometimes the bikes shown are spotless, a glamourous model posing for the crowds. Other times they are snatched from riders immediately after a race, and saved for a show in all their well used glory - they are dirty, maybe muddy, they have been sweated on, drooled over, and who knows what all else. One could argue the advantages of either type of display. For my money though, I prefer the well used ones, the ones that show the bikes have been put to the challenge, and come away none the worse for it.

The red, white, blue Wilier of the 2014 US National Road Race Champion, Eric Marcotte, who rides for Team SmartStop...

and the matching Wilier of the Women's Road Race Champion, Alison Powers, of Team United HealthCare.

Lars Boom's Bianchi

The Santa Cruz downhill rig of Josh Bryceland

Never did find out which Lotto Belisol rider the Ridley belongs to. Well then, correction on this - I have just been informed it is the bike of Tony Gallopin, from the Tour de France.