Hakkalugi Rebuild V: B.B., Cranks, Rings, & Brakes

After the previous rebuild post, you will be well aware that the bottom bracket and crankset are a compromise. Not what I originally had in mind, but after some trial and error, it became clear that only something that actually worked, would indeed work. Thus the square taper b.b. and FSA Vero cranks. At 165mm the crank arms are far shorter than anything I have ever used before, but I will give them a try. And besides, perhaps spinning is not such a bad thing in CX.

The Campy canti's on the other hand were completely planned. Still a lot to do before the season kickoff races this weekend. And that is the catch-22 - more time building, less time riding, and the past two weeks have been pretty short on the riding as it is.