Another Loss: Ride in Peace, Philip White

It is bad enough to learn that a loved one, a family member, maybe a friend has been hit by a driver and killed. What about when you learn that the driver did not possess enough human decency to stop and render aid? I think we can all imagine the pain, the anger, the confusion that have swirled through the minds of the family and friends of Philip White, and would express our condolences if we but knew how. Maybe many reading here already have. 

In the midst of their grief, the family of young Mr. White have reached out to the cycling community to help them meet the financial demands they have, unexpectedly, come to face. A GoFundMe account has been established with this in mind. If it is in your ability to do so, consider donating to the Philip White Memorial Fund.

photo from the Philip White Memorial Fund

Philip was callously left to die in the street on September 21. The family of Philip White has not yet been able to bring themselves to visit the site where he lost his life, but are aware that a Ghost Bike has been installed in his memory, and would appreciate photographs that may have been taken. If anyone has photos they would like to share, I will forward them to the family.