Upcoming: Fourth Annual Predator Keirin Classic

The Keirin races at Encino Velodrome are my favorite night of the Ride the Black Line Summer Series, and i would love to be there this coming Wednesday. It is virtually impossible to get there from work in the one hour between clocking out and the start of racing. That one hour would have to be spent in the purgatory also known as the Los Angeles freeway system. But man, is it a lot of fun, and would certainly be worth the agony of the drive. We'll see. If you are closer you will have to find a different excuse, check it out, the races make for a great evening. This is the fourth race in the Summer Series, and i am yet to make even one of them this year. There will be two more - August 20th and September 3rd. Find more at the velodrome's new and improved website (well, new and improved since i last saw it, anyway).