Saturday Options: Riding with the Old Farts

But Mike, "wait" you say right off the bat. "What's up with the 'old farts' crack. Age is a matter of perspective; you ought to know that by now." Correct you are and, kind of, the point. I suspect that none of the members of the Claremont Senior Bicycle Group (CSBG) who did their weekly Saturday morning ride to the Corner Bakery consider themselves to be really "old". Not even the ninety-three year old, recumbent riding doctor who, by the way, can make that low-to-the-ground bike move. Many things we choose to do in life can help to keep us mentally and physically young. Bicycling is certainly near the top of the list.

bike and dog parking at the Corner Bakery

heading up Deer Creek Blvd in Rancho Cucamonga

I have known many of these folks though their active involvement in bicycle (and pedestrian) advocacy within the city, through their endeavors with Cycle Claremont, and because my wife likes riding with them. But I have never actually done one of their regularly scheduled rides. So, with the son away for the weekend, i thought a more relaxed Saturday morning would be a nice change. I was right, it worked out as planned - just under thirty miles with a nice breakfast at the halfway point. The ride follows a route through residential neighborhoods north of Baseline, and then the Pacific Electric Trail (PET) back to home. I have long listed the CSBG in the "local ride list" with only second-hand knowledge of what their rides are like. Not that today's was necessarily indicative of them all. For instance I know the "power group" does some faster paced ones. At least I can now say that I have done one.

along the PET for the ride home


a pathside serenade